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Maurice O'Prey

Maurice O'Prey Technical Director (Founder)

Maurice began working with the IBM System/38 in 1981 and has remained with the platform as it has evolved through name changes from AS/400, iSeries to the current IBM i. During his involvement with IBM Midrange Computing Maurice has developed, implemented and project managed many large scale business applications and has worked on most of the popular ERP systems such as GEAC System/21, PRMS and many other Retail / Warehousing systems.

In 1999 Maurice produced one of the first eCommerce products Wizz400 which was designed to integrate with the IBM iSeries. In those days, says Maurice, "everything was done over dial-up modem, there was no such thing as a broadband connection". We successfully delivered many early eCommerce sites taking stock, products and prices from the iSeries and delivering back orders for picking and dispatch.

After selling the Wizz400 Company in 2005 Maurice founded XMLi5 Limited with the sole intention of pursuing new technologies to develop and deliver world class web applications for users of the IBM i platform. This work continues today as it is a "passion", not a "job".

Maurice is also a keen guitarist and the photo appeared in the December 2004 edition of the IBM eServer magazine.

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