Meet The Team

Meet The Team

XMLi5 can offer the complete range of skills required to build the most complex ( and well designed ) web applications. We have the maturity of established system development procedure and the flair of the young to create beautful modern applications.

Maurice O'Prey Technical Director (Founder)

Maurice began working with the IBM System/38 in 1981 and has remained with the platform as it has evolved through name changes from AS/400, iSeries to the current IBM i. During his involvement with IBM Midrange Computing Maurice has developed, implemented and project managed many large scale business applications and has worked on most of the popular ERP systems such as GEAC System/21, PRMS and many other Retail / Warehousing systems.

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In 1999 Maurice produced one of the first eCommerce products Wizz400 which was designed to integrate with the IBM iSeries. In those days, says Maurice, "everything was done over dial-up modem, there was no such thing as a broadband connection". We successfully delivered many early eCommerce sites taking stock, products and prices from the iSeries and delivering back orders for picking and dispatch.

After selling the Wizz400 Company in 2005 Maurice founded XMLi5 Limited with the sole intention of pursuing new technologies to develop and deliver world class web applications for users of the IBM i platform. This work continues today as it is a "passion", not a "job".

Maurice is also a keen guitarist and the photo appeared in the December 2004 edition of the IBM eServer magazine.

Adam Douglas Creative Director

Adam is a web designer and developer specialising in platform-agnostic, forward-thinking front-end solutions that will stand the test of time without jeopardising the user coming to your web application from older hardware or software.

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Possessing skills in JavaScript, jQuery, Cascading Stylesheets (CSS) and scalable vector graphics (SVG), but with a strong knowledge of server-side business logic and back-end data structure, Adam drives web design forwards reliably and responsibly.

With one eye on emerging technologies and the other on browser-consistency and user experience, Adam brings cutting-edge design without compromising accessibility or search engine optimisation.

Adam joined XMLi5 in 2014, and has been instrumental in designing and delivering contemporary user experiences that work everywhere for everyone.

A firm believer in the web, in the virtue of simplicity, and in accessibility, Adam seeks to draw the biggest crowd and, no matter their operating system or device, keep them enthralled by your website.

Kim Wishart-O'Prey Director

Kim is writing her autobiography as we speak. As soon as the extra hard disks arrive we will get it up there!

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Keep me posted!

Max The CEO! (Purr...)

Hello, my name is MAX. Some people would call me "the office cat" but I prefer to consider myself as being in charge at XMLi5. I have tried hard to teach these silly humans to code with 5 claws (not a finger) and I will quite often walk across their keyboards generating vast quantities of code with ease, whilst they whinge about quality and the fact that programs should work!

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In my spare time (when I'm not sleeping) I enjoy hunting and eating. You cannot beat a ready cooked "Costco Chicken" or a slice of best quality "M&S Roast Beef".

My goal for the company is a simple one, make lots of money but try to do it AFTER I have had sufficient attention from you.

Yours Lovingly


( Sadly Max went off to chase mice in heaven on 30th July 2018, but as long as XMLi5 operates Max will remain CEO! )