What we do

What we do

The types of projects we have undertaken are wide and varied. These include E-Commerce (BTC and BTB), Web Site Development, XML Trading, Dropship Interfaces, online Card Payment Interfaces and web based Membership Systems. Please browse the topics below and if you do not find what you are looking for feel free to give us a call.

Advanced Web Solutions 

With the advent of mobile internet and smartphone technology, the web is busier than ever before, and every business needs a website not only to grow, but simply to compete. At XMLi5 we know how to establish a web presence for a business and how to make your business stand out from the crowd.

E-Commerce Solutions 

With more and more payments being taken online and a multitude of web payment vendors, the time has come for businesses to act. We specialise in e-commerce and have been delivering effective webshop applications for over a decade, with a mature foundation to build upon, extend and customise for your business's needs.

Responsive Web Design 

Our solutions are built from the ground up to be responsive, with mobile-first layouts that scale up beautifully and render cleanly and consistently between devices and web browsers.

IBM i Integration 

It's easy for a startup company to establish an e-commerce platform, but what about existing businesses with existing POS infrastructure and data?

The XMLi5 products are designed from the ground up to maximise compatibility with IBM i / AS-400 / POWERi systems and through database abstraction and web services, can sit on top of an IBM database, allowing direct integration with your existing payment architecture.

Dropship Vendor Interfaces 

E-Commerce can take many forms, with the questions of fulfilment and stock inventory being a couple of big decisions to make. The most successful e-commerce venture to-date, Amazon, is a prime example of the dropshipping business model. We've architected several dropship-vendor interface solutions for businesses of a similar mind to Amazon, some simple and others entirely bespoke.

Search Engine Optimisation 

With Google Search being as ubiquitous as it is, and with the search engine being the first port of call for any surfer of the web, Search Engine Optimisation is an entire business in itself and its bigger than ever before. With XMLi5, all the SEO groundwork is baked in, with dynamic meta tags per page, clean and semantic markup, and neatly embedded microdata to talk to search engines in their language.

Bespoke Solutions 

Our products are broad in their scope and applications, but if you already know that you'll be needing a completely bespoke and specific web application from us, don't hesitate to contact us and we can discuss your situation and what we can build for you. We like to think that we offer modular products that can cover all of the bases. However, there are of course many special cases where a completely bespoke system needs to be constructed for the best result.

Web Hosting 

A fundamental step to establishing a web presence is finding a home for your website, from which it can reach your users with as little latency as possible and with good back-up and recovery options. To simplify your business model, and to offer the best value for your money, we provide a fully-fledged web hosting service, your web application getting a dedicated server of its very own to ensure great performance and reliability. Each of our web applications comes fully hosted and managed on our hardware, available to scale flexibly according to your needs.