Our Mission

Our Mission

XMli5 was founded in 2005 based on the principle that we would do as much as we possibly could to develop world class software. We did not set out to become "wealthy", we set out to demonstrate that top quality software solutions could be made available at competitive prices. We enjoy our work and our rewards are the relationships we have with our customers.

One solution for life

XMLi5 historically specialises in the abstraction of the IBM i RPG/IDB2 infrastructure to an ASP.NET web application, thereby allowing feature-rich websites and webshops to interface with this infrastructure directly.

Over two decades later, technologies have emerged, changed and surged forwards, but our mission is unchanged. Our methods, however, have evolved with the times while remaining firmly rooted by the principle of reliability and maturity.

One solution for all

Building for the web requires a firm and steady approach, and the trends that persist to become standards should be identified ahead of time. When delivering your application to your users, you need an effective strategy for targeting multiple devices. At XMLi5 we don't take shortcuts, and neither do we withhold functionality or content from the smaller device ranges

We engineer beautiful, responsive web applications from the mobile device up, with layouts and content expanding to suit larger devices. We believe in this approach because the simplest solution is usually the best one, and while it takes careful planning and frequent testing, responsive web design ultimately provides the best user experience.

Engine of Evolution

A true deal-breaker for any business hunting for a web development solution is that of maintenance, but why should maintenance end at keeping your website online and working?

We believe in something more. We aim to provide a single solution for life, and to that end we ensure that your web application can be reconstructed and redesigned with ease.

Responsive, Recoverable, Reliable

We are passionate about crafting beautiful, interactive web applications, but our staff comprises veterans of web development who are no stranger to the realities of the web and have long known that the key to excellence in this field is preparation and planning.

We understand that disaster recovery is an important aspect of web development and one we keep close to our hearts. We make it part of our mission to develop solutions that are impervious to attack or accidental catastrophe.