Enterprise Clients

Churchill 1795 200 Years of Excellence

Project Overview

Key Points

  • Business-to-Consumer E-Commerce
  • Outlet and Store Part Stores
  • IBM i (GEAC System/21) Integration
  • Products & Accessories
  • Customer-specific Pricing
  • SagePay Integration
  • PCI Compliant

Case Study

The Churchill China web application represents a bastion of business-to-business e-commerce. A fully-fledged trading platform that is easy to maintain, with functionality built-in to allow stock levels and products to be updated in bulk very easily.

Like many large-scale business-to-business web applications, the Churchill China online store was built to last, and thanks to XMLi5's n-tier architecture, the application has been updated steadily and incrementally to remain in line with the latest web standards and to incorporate new features desired by Churchill China over time. Rather than risky, time-consuming and expensive rewrites, each module has been refined and improved with time, minimising interruptions to service.

The site offers many advanced business-to-business features such as complex customer pricing, orders templates, multiple discount/promotion levels, and brand/sub-brand authorisation for particular buyers registered to trade in the system.